John D. Shier, RN, PhD

John Shier is a Registered Nurse and Doctor of Philosophy who entered the profession of nursing at the young age of sixty and after having two prior successful careers.

Prior to his nursing career and his work as "ThatGuyNurse," John was an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay for fourteen years. John also served eighteen years as the Executive Director of the Lake Michigan Area Agency on Aging as well as providing leadership as the Executive Director of the United Way of Brown County.

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John D. Shier RN, Ph.D.
2790 Elm Tree Hill
Apt. 330
Green Bay, WI 54313

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Attendee Comments

Endorsements from Organizations/Associations:

ABC HR Conference, Wisconsin Dells, WI

“John, Thank you again for being part of the 2013 ABC HR Conference in the Dells.  As always, you delivered your message with enthusiasm and passion.  You are awesome!” – Tiffany at Consolidated Construction

University of Wisconsin, Parkside

“Best of the day, engaging and interesting”

“Wonderful; great speaker for final talk of day”

“John used no notes or audio/visuals and yet he held the audience spellbound. Amazing…”

“Excellent way of keeping everyone engaged at the end of the day- very charasmatic”

“Incredible speaker- great sense of humor, kept my attention, important topics “

“Loved his passion and strong opinion motivating!  Fantastic. Hope he comes again”

“Wonderful! We need to hear this everyday! Can’t wait to read his book!”

Wisconsin Utilities Association (WUA)

“You entertained our group with your wonderful sense of humor, yet had a very clear message that the choices each of us makes in our lives every day will have a great deal to do  with how long and how enjoyable our time here on earth will be.”

Roger M. McCambridge, P.E.
WUA Gas Operating Section Executive Committee

University of Wisconsin, Green Bay:

“You have a very effective way of helping us to understand and appreciate the changes in health care over the years and the moral and social obligations of our society in dealing with the consequences of today’s medicine.  You stimulate our thinking and make us realize that , as individuals, we are pretty much responsible for our own health and have the wherewithal in ourselves to do something about it.”  University of ‘Wisconsin Green Bay Institute for Learning in Retirement.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College: (faculty seminar)

“John Shier was excellent.  Very entertaining with a wealth of knowledge!”

“John Shier is a wonderful presenter.”

“Great speaker – inspiring and motivational!”

“John Shier was excellent – good choice.”

“John was dynamic and had a great sense of humor.”

“John Shier is a good speaker.  I could listen to him again.”

“John Shier was great!!”

“Health speaker was excellent!?

“John Shier was a terrific presenter.  Very relevant to all individuals.”

“I bet the lunch isn’t going to match the presentation.”

“John Shier was a great speaker – thanks for bringing him to us – very valuable for everyone.”

“John Shier was excellent as a speaker and motivation expert.  Best outside speaker in years!”

 Sheboygan Area Safety Council

“Your presentation was great!  You did a wonderful job.!”

 Four Lakes Chapter of the American Association for Medical Transcription:

“He was very informative and motivating.  He was so enthusiastic and upbeat.”

 Wisconsin Association of Hospital Auxiliaries:

“Thanks a bunch for being a keynote speaker and workshop presenter for our convention.  You made is a huge success!  All comments were positive and on the evaluation sheets.  You are a dynamo.”

“His topic, “Health and Healing” was heard by 248 people and was given a standing ovation.”

Wisconsin Council of Safety, Marathon County, Marshfield Area and Medford Area Safety Councils:

“Best speaker I have had the pleasure of listening to in years.”

“Nothing short of fantastic.”

“Very interesting and down to earth.”

“Great program.”

“Fantastic speaker.”

“Very easy to follow and be attentive.  Excellent pace, very informational.”

“John hit the nail on the head so many times you could have built a house with them!”

“Excellent, a lot of humor and easy to understand.  Great speaker.”

“Very entertaining speaker.  Gets his point across.”

“Very interesting, excellent speaker who kept our attention.”

“Did a wonderful job.  Keep it up?”

“Very dynamic and well versed.”

“Extremely motivating.”

“Excellent speaker.  Bring him back next year!”

“Wonderful speaker who’s energetic.”

“Excellent presenter…”


FMLI Society of Ohio – State Conference

“Excellent speaker.”

“Wonderful speaker.”

“The speaker was excellent!”

“Great speaker!”

Wisconsin Council of Safety – 2002 Winter Safety and Health Showcase

“You were the hit of the show” (as keynote speaker)

“You probably saved a few lives with your message.”

“John was great.  Invite him back!”

“Bring John back – his message is truthful and honest.”

“Awesome speaker.  Made a lot of sense.” John was an exceptional speaker, very dynamic.  I could have listened to him all day.”


Endorsements from Health Care Organizations

Myrtle Werth Medical Center, Menomonie, WI

”I was inspired and am certain it was an inspiration to all in attendance.”

“You really captured the audience.”

Black River Memorial Hospital, Black River Falls, WI

“You are such a dynamic speaker.!

Oconomowoc Memorial Auxiliary, Oconomowoc, WI

“Your message is universal and not directed toward any one target group.  You could inspire any age audience with your story of self fulfillment.”

Bellin College of Nursing:

“John Shier did a great job and was interesting and informative.”

“John Shier was excellent – what an ambassador!”

“John Shier was an inspiring speaker.”

Endorsements from Corporations:

Trent Tube

“I think all of us at the Lakeland Safety Council can pretty much figure out why you do what you do.  Your passion and enthusiasm were second to none and I must say it was like a “breath of fresh air” to listen to a program such as “To Live A Long Time and To Die Healthy.”  I hope to see you doing this kind of presentation until you are at least (94) years old.  Thank you again, John.”

Bob Schroeder, Trent Tube, Inc.

Pacific Gas & Electric:

“I just wanted to check in with you in order to say congratulations on your wonderful success at PG&E in January, and to say thank you for all your hard work and a job so well done.

I truly regretted not being here for your visit and witnessing/experiencing your presentations “up close and personal.” Literally every report indicates how well our employees received your talks, and moreover, how you clearly stimulated them to take seriously the importance of taking care of themselves.

I’ve seen various e-mail threads–from our Vice-present right down to our front-line folks–heralding your performance. People have been recapping the important points you delivered (with such humor and skill), and reminding each other to walk the talk–and take the message home to their loved ones!. As evidence of the effectiveness of your presentation skills, I’ve heard that some folks who attended the morning session on Thursday even stayed after lunch to hear you again in the afternoon… unheard of around these parts!

You certainly were the buzz around here on the days of our annual Northern Area Safety Kick-Off Meetings. Your keynote presentations truly set a new standard for relevance and enthusiasm at those events. Thanks for helping make them a success.

I believe the Northern Grassroots Safety Team, who sponsored your appearances, intends to send you a note of appreciation as well. You made them look good. Not just good, but great! For that, I equally thank you. They’re working really hard to have a positive effect on and change the safety culture around here.” –  James Aram, Pacific Gas and Electric

Wisconsin Public Service:

“John did an outstanding job presenting to our electric and gas field crews.  His advice to take responsibility for out own health…reinforced the message we’ve been promoting at Wisconsin Public Service.”  B.J. Treml, V.P. Human Resources.

“I heard John Shier RN speak this morning at our “Safety Days.   Great speaker – what a guy!”

“Excellent speaker.  This one should be mandatory for everyone!”

“You are a great orator and I was both moved and inspired.”

“The best hour that WPS has ever sponsored.  John was excellent!”

“Interesting and knowledgeable speaker.  Talks in plain English.  I wish this type of presentation could be taped so employees would have the opportunity to share this information with families and friends.”

“I would recommend this to all of the WPS work sites.  If you have missed this session, you have missed out.”

“This was a beneficial session.  It believe it will help me and other.  Thanks.”

“Totally enthusiastic speaker. I will recommend him for our safety sessions.”

“Excellent speaker. Made the time go by very quickly.”

“Will continue to encourage my  52 year old husband to see a doctor.  Can’t get him there but will stress, “You are responsible for your health.”  Thank you for the encouragement.”

“Excellent speaker, continuously maintained interest of audience.  Useful, practical information – actually critical for all of us.”

“We should have people like John speak to us more often.”

“Great.  We need this once a year so people get the hint.”

“Your message is to the point, entertaining and memorable.  My wife continues to get the “John Shier quote of the day” as I remember different things you talked about.”

“It’s the truth.  We’ve heard this many time in different ways.  John pulls it all together well.  Great inspiration.”

“Great presentation!”

“Very good presentation.  Everyone should see this and HR should listen to what he is saying. “

“This one should be mandatory for everyone!  You could make it a general session.”

“I was motivated to try quitting (smoking) once more.  My first stop after leaving your presentation was to Osco drug. I purchased a nicotine patch package and I haven’t smoked in three days.  Wish me luck.”

Plexus Electronic Assembly:

“You certainly had a positive impact on many which I am sure is part of your reward for doing what you do.”


“John was very knowledgeable and interesting.”

“I think receiving this presentation should be mandatory for all Megtec employees!”

“Thank you for your motivating talk. As usual, you were great!”

WEPCO _ Nuclear Power

“Wish my family could have heard this emotional rollercoaster.”

John was great.!

John Shier was great .  Could have listened for hours, very enriching.”

John shier made me think about how our health has a direct affect on our life and out happiness..”

De Pere Foundry:

“Thank you for speaking at our Safety/Wellness Day.  You did a wonderful job.  We really enjoyed it.”

KI – Krueger International:

“John’s enthusiasm and knowledge have been effective.” Richard Resch, President

“Your message was well received, which was evidenced by applause at the end of several of the sessions.”

“Very motivating to learn the need to take control of my health through exercise and eating right.”

Lakeside Systems, Inc.

“Your presentation was received with much enthusiasm by our entire staff.  You had everyone’s attention in our group with ages ranging from 19 to 62.  Your knowledge and ability to move about the room kept the message interesting and people focused on where they are in life. Glenn A Lee, President


“I found the presentation to be both informative and inspiring.  One participant commented that this was the best presentation she had ever attended.  Considering the fact that Highsmith, Inc. invites more than  20 presenters every year, this is indeed a compliment.” Christine E. Ray, Manager, Learning and Development

Kraft Foods

“The group thought you were a wonderful presenter who kept everyone’s attention and interjected humor while still getting your point across.”

Schneider National:

“The word’s in, the drivers loved your talk in the last tape and want you back.  I don’t get many comment cards back from the drivers but almost the ones I did get mentioned how they appreciated your message and want to hear more.” Tom Cioni, Schneider Internal Communications Manager

State Bank of Howards Grove:

“You held the audience totally at your attention…I heard nothing but expressions of how much everyone enjoyed you.”

Consolidated Edison, New York:

“I would like to see Dr. Shier come back.  He is an inspiration for many people.”

“Dr. Shier was impressive, dynamic and humorous.”

Farmers Insurance  Group: (Illinois Regional Headquarters)

“Several of the attendees have commented that not only was your presentation useful and informative, but your enthusiasm as a speaker has motivated them to take the necessary steps to live a long life and live it in good health.” Clinton Gardner, V.P. and Executive Director, Aurora Service Center

“I could have listened to John all day.  He is a great speaker.”

“The guest speaker, John shier, was excellent”

“I especially enjoyed Shier’s presentation.  He provided a thought-provoking adventure into daily life.”

”Health and Healing” was great!”

“John Shier was a great addition (to the program).”

Dental Health Products:

“They are completely happy with your services and requested that you do their flu shots.”

LaCrosse, Wisconsin Credit Union:

“I would recommend bringing John back for an after work presentation. I would attend and would be very interested in bringing family.”

John Shier was the most enjoyable speaker we’ve ever had. He kept you attention and had a wonderful sense of humor about a serious subject. Would love to hear him speak again anytime.”

Personal Communications from Attendees:

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful presentation you gave at the Fox Valley Safety Council meeting.  Your presentation really touched me.

“You are wonderful.  You continue to make a great difference in our world.”

Nursing student: “Your compassion and words even brought tears to my eyes when I related it to my own life.  ..It wasn’t just your topics, it was your kindness and high spirit.”

Library Director: “John was outstanding.  The message was full of just right info for people going without the heavy hand of advice that makes them resist the message.”


Comments from students:

“Your speech to our class was highly motivational.”

“…amazing presentation filled with information.” Your excitement and enthusiasm made me want to look to you as something to shoot for when I get older.”

“Your time spent in our classroom made a difference on the way I will live my life and the way my family lives their life.”

“What a joy it w as to have you speak to our class!  Your outgoing and enthusiastic personality helped get your message across.  It was great to hear someone speak so passionately about taking care of ourselves.”


Comments from Government Leaders:

County Administrator, Pierce County, Wisconsin:

“Mr. Shier was complimented for making his message interesting and humorous. His presentation was particularly well received by the highway employees, which should be a feather in his cap.”

“The length of the presentation was appropriate. Mr. Shier had amazing energy to give four talks in a row and maintain enthusiasm and interest.”

“The fact that the county sponsored a program such as this for employees was appreciated. It serves to increase awareness among employees and should help reduce health costs.”