John D. Shier, RN, PhD

John Shier is a Registered Nurse and Doctor of Philosophy who entered the profession of nursing at the young age of sixty and after having two prior successful careers.

Prior to his nursing career and his work as "ThatGuyNurse," John was an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay for fourteen years. John also served eighteen years as the Executive Director of the Lake Michigan Area Agency on Aging as well as providing leadership as the Executive Director of the United Way of Brown County.

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John D. Shier RN, Ph.D.
2790 Elm Tree Hill
Apt. 330
Green Bay, WI 54313

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Live Long, Die Healthy

An examination of how medical science has increased life expectancy from 54 in 1934 to almost 80 today.  The American healthcare system is, however, a system designed to prolong life not to promote health.  A person achieving middle-age today can reasonably expect to live to the full human life span of ninety to ninety-five years. Each person must accept full responsibility for his own health in order to remain healthy for all of that time.

This program explains the foundations of good health with an emphasis on the practice of preventive medical care, exercise, good nutrition, not smoking and the use of alcohol in moderation.

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On Being A Professional Patient

          Modern medicine requires that the patient become a knowledgeable partner with the primary care doctor.  Unless the patient is a professional in this sense the medical system can do little to improve health and it can become a very dangerous place to be.

This program explains the importance of patients having knowledge of the basics of how the body works and of how to know when good health has been compromised.  It explains why it is important for doctors and patients to establish partnerships for health through the practice of preventive care.  It explains why hospitals can be very dangerous places unless patients and their family advocates understand how they operate and that they have a role in protecting themselves from the errors and hospital acquired infection that take nearly 250,000 patient lives each year.

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Questions and Issues at the End of Life

This program arises from the fact that modern medicine has become so proficient in its role of prolonging life that the time and manner of death have become matters that require that patients and their families become involved with the doctor in making decisions about how and when life should end.

The program examines the importance of every person having one or more advanced directives; the durable power of attorney, the living will and the “do not resuscitate” order.  Without these documents the patient and his family lose control over the kind and extent of medical care than will be provided.  The result can shorten and make bearable be the long often painful and expensive process of dying.

There is emphasis on understanding how and when to seek the care of a Hospice and on the role of the family and friends in working with the Hospice staff.

The program stresses the importance of the patient and the family remaining in control of the kind and extent of the medical care which will be provided.

You Are the CEO of Your Health.  Are You Up to It?

This program summarizes the prior three.  It is an excellent offering in companies who have engaged John for “Live Long,” “Professional Patient” and/or  Questions and Issues….” Many companies have indicated that they would like to refresh employee thinking about these topics and this program is an excellent way to accomplish that end.

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